Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 you aren't shaping up well

So, I was really, really, really hoping that 2011 would turn out much better than the previous year.  However, by January 12, it was obvious that was not to be the case.  This is the day that my oldest son was dx'd with diabetes, also.  We caught his early since we have been doing random checks due to an initial high A1C back in November, but that doesn't really make it any easier.  At least this time around we already know what we are doing.  Currently, he is only on Lantus with no fast acting insulin to cover his carbs.  That makes it easier for him to adjust, as he is NOT one to like shots, pain, or anything of the sort.  He's the one that it takes multiple people to hold him down for blood draws and immunizations.  I will say, though, he has gotten better over the past few weeks.  He no longer screams "ouch" with every shot or finger poke.

Logan required an adjustment to his Novolog a few weeks ago.  I'm thinking he may still need another adjustment soon as I'm not seeing the numbers I want to.  Still way too many higher numbers in the evenings for my taste.  It's also time for his annual eye exam.  I've been trying to find an opthamologist to take him to since I want someone that is an MD to check his eyes with the diabetes dx.  However, there isn't one in the area that will accept children.  I'm probably going to end up having to take him to Charleston for this, also.

Then, we have this deployment coming up very soon.  13 months without my husband and best friend.  13 months of me dealing with everything all on my own.  Yesterday, his car died.  The timing belt broke.  Odds are that when it did it bent some other engine stuff, that I don't understand.  At least it did it right before he left and I have 13 months until we will have to get him a new one.  However, that is extra money I didn't plan on having to save for.  I wanted to use the extra money he makes while deployed to pay off all our credit card bills.  I didn't want to save for a new car.  I don't want to worry about a car payment again.  I wanted things to go right this year.